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Hello World! I feel at peace sharing today this space with you , sending love and light to where you are. Keep staying Unique as we are walking through this year.

I had a conversation the other day with a dearest client of mine , grateful to watch the development of style. I have very present that day , about two weeks ago , because it came from an intention of love , self love to be more specific. How by making conscious decisions of self worth will automatically shift you to a better inner world and a healthy interaction with others. 

In this scenario , it has a great impact when we step forward to our wellness, to the authentic version of ourselves, without filter of what people will think but by freeing our mind and soul to connect with the true essence that we reflect in everything we are, use in a total look and unite to reveal; style.

Mastering the art of evolving takes courage , I desire that you feel worthy of becoming your unique self in this life’s gala , it’s a moment to moment celebration and there is power when you are embracing the fun of dressing up for you before others, being present in the moment you choose a piece from your closet, investing wisely in timeless pieces that make you feel unique and so the list goes on. Evolve by daring yourself that you can achieve feeling good with looking good, if you are in this path ; congrats remember to measure your progress and if you haven’t enter this journey now is the time to manifest the version you don’t know yet; there is no perfect time, this present moment is all there is.

Magic happens when you are ascending to be you. Opening your closet and being able to identify that you are there with so much to wear in a functional closet. Be fearless in trying new color, new pattern to stand out in your virtual meetings and online events, the greatest statement will last forever and always gives life to your pieces; personal style.

Evolve gracefully.

With Love,

Marcela Cervantes

Image & Marketing Consultant | Fashion Stylist

Founder UNIQUE By Marcela

Would love to enter this journey or you already are but want to take it to the next level , click right on: info@uniquebymarcela

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